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<strong>HOW WE PERFORM THE AUDIT</strong>


When performing the audit, our staff will analyze each expense thoroughly. We utilize tariff filings, industry expertise, Internet research and our own auditing software to ensure your company is getting the most competitive and accurate rates from its communication providers.

<strong>HOW OUR SERVICES CAN HELP</strong>


Communication Auditors’ initial telecom audit will provide an in-depth analysis and inventory of your services. Most likely, we will be able to identify and recover overcharges and assist in further reducing those expenses. Communication Auditors is paid a percentage of recovered money and reductions only after they have been realized on your bills. So, there are no out-of-pocket expenses or risk to your company.  If we are unsuccessful in eliminating unnecessary expenses for your company, we receive no fee for our services.

Fees for Service

Fees for Service

Communication Auditors works strictly on a contingency basis. Our goal is to identify errors and unnecessary expenses on our clients’ communication bills. Once identified, we work on behalf of our clients to recover money / eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with these billing issues.  If we are unsuccessful in obtaining money for our customer, then our services are free. Period. No exceptions.

We have obtained money for our clients in over 80% of performed audits to date. This success ratio allows us the confidence to operate on a contingency basis. Since the only possible fee for our service is a percentage of found money, there is absolutely no way an audit can cost your company money. So, there is no financial risk to our clients.