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Typical Example of Customer Audit


Customer Comments: " Communication Auditors is delivering as promised. We truly appreciate the savings you have generated for OSI. Thanks for the great work!". Liz Williams, OSI Pharmaceuticals.

Background: OSI Phamraceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of oncology products for cancer patients. Headquartered in Mellville, NY, the company has facilities in New York and Colorado with field personnel thoughout the country. At the time of the audit, OSIP utlized the following telecommunication services : Frame Relay, Long Distance, Teleconferencing, Internet and Wireless. Although OSIP was unaware of any particular billing problems, the no risk nature of the audit made going forward with the service an easy decision.

Audit: Communication Auditors gathered the telecon bills for each location. Communication Auditors conducted a preliminary review and determined there was a strong possibility of savings for OSIP. Subsequently, our auditing staff contacted OSIP with a few additional questions. Communication Auditors completed the audit and presented OSIP with the results after approximately 6 weeks.

Results: Communication Auditors identified and eliminated over $140,000 in unnecessary annual telecom expenses for OSIP. The elimination of these expenses represents a 32% reduction in annual telecom spend.