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Typical Example of Customer Audit


Customer Comments: "We were skeptical that Communication Auditors would find any savings on our account because we had just entered a new corporate telecommunications contract three months earlier. However, we were pleasantly surprised when your company came back with an annual savings of 28% for our account plus thousands of dollars in credits from the phone company! I would recommend your auditing service to any company interested in improving its bottom line." Alison Bittner, Entigo Corporation

Background: Entigo is an industry leader in real business solutions offering a comprehensive suite of B2B eCommerce products. Enitgo is headquartered in Virginia with offices in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and England. At the time of the audit, Entigo’s telecom services included wireless, local voice, long distance, data transport and IP services.

Audit: Communication Auditors gathered the telecom bills for all domestic locations. Communication Auditors ran an initial audit and determined there was a strong possibility of savings for Entigo. The auditing department contacted Entigo with a few clarifying questions. Communication Auditors staff completed the audit and contacted Entigo with the results after approximately 5 weeks.

Results: Communication Auditors was able to save Entigo over 25% of their total monthly telecom expenses. Credits and reduced expenditures totaled over $40,000 in annual savings. Entigo is a prime example of how Communication Auditors’ auditing services can be of benefit to companies who believe there are no errors with their telecom billing.